Selinog Island
Selinog Island

      A marine sanctuary has been established on this island on June 6, 2000. The residents, men and women, have been highly cooperative and the woman barangay leader and her council have been actively involved in the establishment of the marine reserve.

Selinog Island Dapitan Women's Association (SIDWA) made a delightful pose after a series of discussion with the social scientists.
      In a focus group discussion with several women as groups (from all the four "purok": Bitoon, Calachuchi, Talisay, Kalamungay), women agreed with the establishment of a sanctuary. They understood the sanctuary to be a protected area where mature fish could lay their eggs; where larve and fingerlings could safely stay until these are mature enough to venture into open areas; and, where coral reefs and other marine life forms are preserved. They suggested that the sanctuary could be used for ecotourism.
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